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7th-Sep-2007 03:48 pm - X-men, comin' your way!
Miyavi Rocks
So, I just paid a visit to Geeks our local comic book shop, and read through some books. The new y the last man, and the new astonishing x-men. The cut reveals my feelings on the matter. Spoilers, obviously for anyone who follows these series. Rated PG-13 for Avi's casually foul mouth:

SadnessCollapse )

I've fallen off on Hellblazer. The newer stuff just isn't drawing me like the old stuff does. And also, Constantine has always been a dirty bastard, but he's way pissy lately. Maybe he's just getting old? Nothing since the beginning of Denise Mina's run has caught my interests at all. = (

question of the day: Is Thomas Raith bisexual, or not?
11th-Aug-2007 11:08 pm - >
Miyavi Rocks
I can't even deal with how ready to go back to school I am. I'm completely over summer. I welcome the stress of cleaning my room, and getting packed, so I can get THE HELL out of this god forsaken house. UGH!
26th-Jul-2007 09:26 pm - One Month To Go...
Miyavi Rocks
Okay, so my tenure at Kids on Stage is about to end, and I'm pretty happy about that actually. Those brats are adorable but they're a pain in the ass.

I would really like to fly to Utah to visit Mallz, but that's gonna be at least five hundred bucks...so we'll see.

I'm super bored. Can't wait for school. I'm missing Comic-Con! X.X

Kenny, this guy I met at AX, text me from their today. He's cosplaying as Beast, and he looks amazing! I'm so jealous of him. It would have been perfect if I'd gone, since he's Ultimate Beast, and I've got the Ultimate Jean Great costume...-sigh- Maybe next year.

Don't know what I'm gonna do next month except be bored out of my friggin' mind. Don't know who my roommate's gonna be. I hope Mallory gets that single, so Kathy and I can room together. That would be perf!

*shimmers away*
20th-Jul-2007 07:01 pm - It is Upon Us
Miyavi Rocks
Okay, the release of the allegedly FINAL Harry Potter book is hours away. It's probably the most exciting Midnight Event since New Years. Everyone's freakin' the fuck out! My theory?

Harry Potter is one of Voldemort's horcrux's. In order to defeat Voldemort, Harry must destroy all seven. Therefore Harry Potter has to die. NEITHER CAN LIVE while the other survives = they both have to die. We will see if I'm correct.

Remus fucking Lupin better not die. Heads will roll.

And now we play the waiting game...
17th-Jul-2007 09:08 pm - = X
Miyavi Rocks
My Baby's DaddyCollapse )

Um...fangasm much? Squee! X D
17th-Jul-2007 08:49 pm - Um, where the hell have I been?
Miyavi Rocks
And why the hell didn't I ever realize that Miyavi is the sexiest motherfucker on the planet?

I AM SOOOO IN LOVE! His music is absolutely amazing. Favorites are Shindemo Boogie Woogie, Senora Senora Senorita, and Coin Lockers Baby. I wonder if the latter has anything to do with Ryu Murakami's novel 'Coin Locker Babies', which I've read and loved. Miyavi-sama is a mad genius! I'm completely obsessed. I watched Oresama, his movie. It was so fucking cute. It's about Miyavi going back in time to meet himself as a young kid. Apparently Miyavi used to be big into Soccer as a boy, but after an injury permanently benched him, he became obsessed with learning to play the guitar.

When and how did I fall in love with Meevers? I saw him live in concert of course, along with hundreds of other squealing otaku, and even some of his fans who flew all the way to America to see S.K.I.N.'s debut performance at AX this summer.

Originally I was mostly excited about Gackt, because I've been a fan of his for a while too. But Miyavi-kun TOTALLY stole the show. He's absolutely fucking nutso! So full of wild, defiant, energy. I love his style so much. Learning more about him, has once again gotten me completely obsessed with Japanese culture. I HAVE to get my grades up so I can go study abroad in Japan my senior year. They're gonna be like..."Um...1.8 your Sophomore year? How about no."

Anyways, I saw OoTP. I loved it, until I heard some of the qualms other people had with it. I still think it was a good movie. It told the story it needed to tell and who doesn't love impressive CGI displays?

So fucking excited about DH! It's gonna be amazing.

As for Comic-con, I'm kind of ambivalent about it. I know it would be amazing to go, and I could probably afford it, if I didn't spend ANY money between then and now, but it would kind of be a hassle to get myself all the way to San Diego and back. We'll see. I wanna be a pirate with Vani!

I'm so fucking ready for school to resume. I'm excited about pledging Sachsen next year. Miyavi is a sexy motherfucker. He speaks Kansai. He has perfect hair. I want to cut my hair like his. And he totally has every piercing I aspire to have. I want to get something pierced this summer before school starts so it'll heal in time for Twelfth Night. I doubt my mom will approve of any of the ones I want though, so it'll probably have to wait until the school year, damn it. Maybe a nose ring? Hmph.

Miyavi is beautiful. I'm so in love. I miss Leah and Mallory. Peaces!
8th-Jun-2007 04:46 am - Geeking OUT
Miyavi Rocks
Okay, so it's like a billion o'clock in the morning, and what am I doing? Watching Sailor Stars. This is actually a really depressing run. I mean...everyone dies throughout this season. How fucked up is that? And then Uranus and Neptune are evil, but then they're not, but then oh yeah...they die too. Lame. Sure, everyone comes back at the end, but still...lame.

I've been really into X-Factor lately. Jamie Madrox is absolutely adorable. I'm really liking the whole cast. I've never really gotten too involved in the lives of the more obscure X-men, but I'm totally into this. After M-Day, I think X-Factor shows the clearest affects of the Decimation. I mean, the X-men are off on Breakworld dealing with some random ass prophecy about Colossus destroying a planet. The Avengers are all in a tizzy, split into two different teams 'cause of the Registration Act. The Young Avengers has basically been cancelled. [ I'm really disappointed in them for selling out to the man, by the way. Shame on you Young Avengers. SHAME! ]But in X-Factor we have the recurrence of the mysterious Layla Miller, and characters with layers and angst to boot. And it's not all cheesy relationship stuff. I mean, the love triangle with M and Siryn is actually pretty funny and refreshing. So far, I didn't get why M was asked to join the group at all. She doesn't really seem to mesh. But ever since I read the issue with them all at the psychiatrist, I've been feeling her out a bit. I suppose she's...tolerable. And she kicked ass is France, so yay her.

It makes me sad that Rahne's all super Christian, but I suppose I'll overlook it for the time being. If I could do it for Nightcrawler, I could give her a shot.

PS: I wish Pietro would die and leave poor, sexy, confused Rictor alone. Stupid Pietro ruined so many mutants lives, and for what? He manipulated his sister when she was crazy and vulnerable. I like Ultimate Pietro much better. M-Day makes my soul bleed. But on the other hand, humans would have totally become 'extinct' in a few more generations, the way the mutant population was growing. That might have made their whole 'struggle for survival' kind of moot.

In other news, my Ultimate Jean Grey costume for AX is nearly complete. I just need a reasonably priced red wig, and for my gloves to arrive in the mail. I'd also like a pair of black contacts, so I can be DARK PHOENIX for some days, but we'll see. I also kind of want a black leather mini skirt. I feel like it would be cheaper than pants, and also make the costume look edgier. We'll see. Last year, they sold contacts at the expo, so maybe I could just find some there. I've already registered, and the hotel room is squared away for Friday and Saturday night. I sure hope Gamestop is prepared to let me take those four days off.

Looks like writing was a good idea, 'cause I'm finally starting to get sleepy. I shall lay down now. Goodbye LiveJournal!
5th-Jun-2007 08:32 pm - Trapped
Miyavi Rocks
Everyone sucks but me. That is all.
9th-May-2007 06:02 pm - Summer Summer Summer Time!
Miyavi Rocks
Okay, so summer is going to be pretty much amazing. AX is gonna cost a small fortune, but I feel like I can make it happen. All of the pieces for my Ultimate Phoenix costume, are a mouse click away, and Sean has already reserved our hotel room. Vani and Josette are gonna hang out, so I get to meet Josette finally. I don't know how I'm gonna swing Comic Con, but it's definitely happening, 'cause I promised Vani I'd come visit San Diego, which will also be amazing. Matt asked me to co-produce his senior project, a film, with him, and I'm actually really looking forward to it.

I super need a job, given that I plan to spend a shit load of money. Barned and Nobles sounds like a great idea, especially with he final Harry Potter book coming out.

I also really want to do Krav Maga, but I'm pretty sure their summer program is like 300 bucks. Maybe mommy will help?

My two besties are both going home this weekend. I'm sure they both need it, but it sucks for me. I'm either hanging out with Sean, and we'll drive around and look for costume pieces, or else go to six flags with my aunt for mother's day. If it's the latter, I hope she knows she's paying for my ticket, 'cause I's broke.

Last night, Jon, Woody, Kathie, and Matt hung out with Leah and I for Leah's twentieth birthday. We watched Tenacious D, and drank every time Jack said 'fuck'. It was pretty amusing in a plebian kind of way. Got the job done.

What else....hmmmm. School's almost over. I'm staying for graduation even though I don't want to. Mallory needs me to. And what am I if not a loyal best friend?

I miss Greg. Maybe Diarro will pay for my AX registration? I have to pee. So off I get.

OH YEAH! I'm gonna hang out with Donna this summer. -backflips- We've been rekindling our relationship. I hope it lasts.
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