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27th-Jun-2008 01:24 am
Miyavi Rocks
So...summer. So far it's been way too much of a party. I've been hanging out at Jenn and Vanessa's a lot. Vanessa moved to Marina Del Rey for the summer, so we're in prime position to hang out. I love it! Usually I'm so bored and lonely during the summer. I've been sorta kinda looking for a job, mostly by browsing Craig's List. I got one hopeful looking hit at Magicopolis on fourth street. Applied, but didn't get it. Assholes ><. That's okay though. I know logically that I need a job, but I don't really WANT one. Mom has been in Louisiana, so it's been pretty low stress. Unfortunately that all changes as of next week. For some reason my dad's side has decided to have their family reunion in LA, so naturally we have to put a bunch of people up. ANNOYING! I'm expected to entertain my teenaged cousins. That shit is lame. On the flip side we might go to Vegas. If we do, I'm gonna see if I can get Kathy and whoever else is free to come with me. Also, Sara lives out there and I could go hang out with her and get into some shenanigans. OH! Sara, Charis, and Ericka are going to be out here for the Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend, so hopefully we'll meet up. Also, the gang is moving into the Blue House which is really exciting. Speaking of housing, I need to start looking for a roommate. Blah.

ANIME EXPO IS IN LIKE TWO WEEKS! That makes everything amazing. I also really want to attend Comic-Con in July, and Yaoi-con in October. I'm cosplaying as the Dark Phoenix again due to lack of funds for a better costume. I blew off the last two weeks of work this semester, hence the no money havingness. I wanted to be the White Queen, but ah well. Perhaps next year. My Phoenix costume got a lot of attention last time anyways, so hopefully no one will notice it's re-do. ^_^ Sean's Iron-man costume as well as the cool ones he made for Melanie and Isaiah are gonna be way good too. So excited!Hopefully we'll be able to uphold the tradition of eating at the closest Denny's before going to the Expo. It's so much fun, because no one else in there gets why you're in those crazy costumes, and random people stop and talk to you and take pictures with you. But Sean says he won't be able to sit and eat in his bulky Iron-man costume. I'll try and talk him into it anyway. ; 3

Amber - as for buying anime and anime related stuff, it'll be just like Yaoi-con was times a billion! They have huge areas where you can buy pretty much everything you've ever dreamed of. I usually don't buy anything, just 'cause I'm cheap, but my friend Sean wants to stock up on action figures, so I'm sure you guys will have plenty of time at the booths!

Also, we're probably gonna go to the Masquerade, where cosplayers show off their costumes and sometimes do little skits. A lot of the time they're really funny...but some are not.

Welp, it's gonna be a busy couple of weeks! Better get ready...

Oh, I just realized, I'm gonna have to take my facial piercings out for my cosplay...gah, I hope they don't close!
28th-Jun-2008 05:24 am (UTC)
It's not two weeks, it's one! AHH! Can't wait! hehehe, 5th of July here we come! Hehehe, so I'm coming up from SD but it looks like I may not be alone--this is a we'll see thing. Eric, my sister's boyfriend is a huge X-men/Marvel fan and he's thinking of joining me if I drive, which would be nice for some company on the road. If not, I also promised to meet another friend for dinner near by so I may leave earlier, if that comes up. I can't wait to see your costume. I am buying a camera to take pics of the cuties and you have to pose for me. Maybe next year I'll cosplay--though I've never really done it before. Can't wait. Seeya soon!
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