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Thus Spake the Prophet...
Spring Break 
2nd-Apr-2008 10:17 am
So rather than Vegas, or Puerto Rico, as was planned, I ended up staying with some friends for a few days before scurrying home. That was actually pretty goddamn fun, and I was drunk pretty much the whole time. I didn't stay for Kathy's b-day which makes me kind of sad. She's 21! I bet you can guess what THAT means...

This is my second day at home. Yesterday, I got my driver's permit which allows me to legally drive as long as there's someone over 18 in the car with me, so if anything I can definitely DD until I get my full fledged license. I don't think I'm that great a driver yet though. I tend to make small, but very critical mistakes. Also...left turns should die. I'll work on it though, because I definitely need my license.

I also got the new Dresden Files book Small Favor. It wasn't that good unfortunately. Blood Rites is still my favorite. But Proven Guilty, and White Night were fairly decent too. This one just altogether sucked.

There was no real plot development. At least none that I couldn't already predict. No real character evolution either. I mean, in all of the other books so far there's been some kind of revelation, or extreme plot point, but this felt more like a bunch of side quests that had nothing to do with the series as a whole. We all KNEW that Murphy was supposed to be the third Knight. It's stupid that Jim's dragging it out by making her refuse the initial calling. And what the hell in Sanya supposed to do while he's waiting for Harry to select two new Knights? He can't fight Satan all by himself! Obviously, Murphy is eventually going to take up the sword. We all KNEW that Helen Demeter was an evil bitch, so it's not surprising that she sold out Marcone. He paralyzed her daughter, after all. We all KNEW that Harry was a chauvenistic, stubborn, pig headed bastard. Did we really need another plot all about him rushing in to 'save the girl'? And finally, we all KNEW that the only thing that would make Michael put down the sword and actually raise his family was death, and now he's practically dead. Great. The only interesting thing that happened in this book was Harry deciding to stop waiting for Murphy to come around, and finally getting some pussy at the very end. I'm sure most of the fans are really pissed off about Harry and Murphy still not ending up together. Especially with the indication that Murphy's got feelings for Kincaid still. I think it's pretty gross and forced since Butcher hasn't really bothered to give Kincaid that much of a personality yet. But...Luccio's cool, and probably younger and hotter (looking) than Murphy anyway. Way to go Harry. You plow that bitch.

Jim Butcher's going to have a lot of installments to the Dresden Files though, so I'll just consider this one of those stretcher tactics...something to fill in the space between actual GOOD books. Kind of like Book 6 of Harry Potter. ; p

For the rest of my stay at home, I just want to relax. I need to find monologues and practice accents for dialect study. That shouldn't be too horrible. Also, I might try to find a DMV that's NOT booked 'till Christmas so I can take my test. Blah!
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